Thursday, March 12, 2015

How Do You Know? You Just Do!

Ever been told that "you'll know" when you meet the right person?  It's true!  And how do you know?  You just do!

Today marks the 19th anniversary of the day my silly hubby proposed.  And Yes!  I knew he was "the one" the moment I met him.  It was so weird, it was as though I had run into my long, lost best friend.  And I just knew!

My daughter has asked numerous times, "How did you know?"  "I just did", I tell her.  I also told her that she will have no clue what I am talking about until it happens to her.  And then she will know exactly what I am talking about.  

Has it happened to you?  Did you know your spouse was the right one?  When did you know?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Black Eyed Peas - The Good Luck Charm of the South

If you live in the south, you just may eat black eyed peas on New Year's to bring you good luck in the coming year. But do you know why?

The tradition of eating black eyed peas on New Year's began in 1866, just after Sherman's march from Atlanta to Savannah.  Turns out the Union soldiers didn't think much of black eyed peas when they pillaged all the  towns and plantations in Georgia.  The north used black eyed peas for feed stock, so the Union soldiers left all the silos of those little, delicious legumes alone.  After the Union soldiers left, the southerners thought they had absolutely nothing to eat.  However, it was discovered that the black eyed peas had been left alone!  

Needless to say the southern people saw this as good luck - luck that they were left with something to eat.  And thus began the tradition of ringing in the New Year with the southern good luck charm of black eyed peas.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

That's What I Like About Tsu!

Heard about the new social network tsu yet?  It's taking the internet by storm, and so far I have been very pleased with the platform.  Not only is it a breath of fresh air from the likes of Facebook and Twitter, the people on it are genuine, excited about life and positive.  There's no drama, just encouragement and good vibes.  

Every time I think of tsu I can't help but sing the Romantics song What I Like About You. Can't get it out of my head! So here's my tsu diddie . . .

What I Like About tsu
It treats me right
I'm not the only one
Who stays on it all night

Keep on sharing all my posts
Comment and tell me something good
It's true
That's what I like about tsu

What I like about tsu
You really know how to energize
Analytics go up and up
Think about those true friends

Keep on sharing all my posts
Comment and tell me something good
It's true
That's what I like about tsu

What I like about tsu
You keep me up all night
Never gonna let you go
You are alright

Keep on sharing all my posts
Comment and tell me something good
It's true 
That's what I like about tsu

That's what I like about tsu
That's what I like about tsu
That's what I like about tsu . . .

Haven't joined yet?  Join me here.

Monday, January 5, 2015

I Don't Want to Use a Plate for Dinner

 We all know my hubby can be silly!  It's amazing the stories he comes home with just from an average day's work or a trip to the grocery story.  And sometimes a dream can be even sillier!  He came downstairs laughing a couple nights ago about a dream he just had.  He had written a song in his dream.  Kept singing it and singing it too!  "I Don't Want to Use a Plate for Dinner."  Hm . . . I wonder if Taylor Swift could use that for the title of her next hit? Better yet, I wonder if she'd use the lyrics.  He actually wrote them down!

So here goes, my silly hubby's first song:

I Don't Want to Use a Plate for Dinner

I don't need a knife and fork
with the wine you keep the cork
I don't want to use a plate for dinner

I don't want to make a fuss
don't want to scream or start to cuss
and I don't want to be a pain or make you sad just like some rain
just please don't make me  use a plate for dinner

I'll have spaghetti by the pound
some chicken nuggets on the ground
and if you want I'll eat; my two hands and my two feet
but I don't want to use a plate for dinner

I'm no angel in my heart
I won't even eat your tarts
and some folks call me a sinner
call me what you like
but please don't ask me to use a plate for dinner

What do you think?  I think I'll go set a plate for him for dinner.  Maybe two!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Will the Real George Washington Please Stand Up

Know who this guy is?  It's George Washington! Yes, the Commander of the Continental Army.  Rarely do we see a picture of George without his white whig.  In fact some may never have.  So when I ran across this print of him by Valentine Green from 1783 on the National Portrait Gallery site, I was fascinated by it.  First of all, he is actually a young man in this print, and if you look closely it appears his hair must have been a dark brownish color. We actually see his real hair rather than his whig!  Just something interesting I thought I'd share with you.

Monday, December 29, 2014

David Bowie is Now Exhibit Takes You Back to Then

Chicago received a treat as being the only city in the United States to host the David Bowie is Now exhibit.  The exhibit compiles all of his work from even back when he was in grade school on up to the present.  As a boy he spent many an hour alone in his room reading and "creating intelligent thoughts".  That made me very happy to find out as I have a son who does the same thing.  Not that I expect him to turn out to be a David Bowie, but at least I know there is hope for the introverted boy!

Did you know David Bowie was born David Jones?  They even called him Davie Jones!  One of his first bands was called Davie Jones and the King Bees.  Too funny. No wonder he changed his name to David Bowie in the mid sixties, the guy was getting confused with Davie Jones from the Monkees! 

Art and space seemed to consume Bowie as a youngster.  Did you also know he timed the release of Space Oddity with the landing on the moon?  That is something I did not know, but if you were in Britain at the time it may have been more obvious.  The exhibit had a lot of his costumes and many in the beginning of his career were space oriented like his Ziggy Stardust costumes.  He even had much to do with the design of his costumes.  The exhibit had droves of his drawings, lyrics, ideas, just about everything he ever did.  Bowie clearly was a hoarder of his work.  Good thing!  Because that meant we got to see the progression of how this talented man came to be.  

My favorite part of the exhibit was his video of Boys Keep Swinging.  I followed Bowie more in the 80's during his more flamboyant era.  It was great to see the video again.  In fact, they had all his 80's music videos playing.  They even had snippits of some of his movies.  What is so interesting is he wanted to do a movie version of 1984 but couldn't get the rights to do it.  So he made his own version - Diamond Dogs

As you progress through the exhibit you are reminded of the Broadway productions Bowie performed in. It also had his paintings on display.  In fact his own artwork was better than anything else we saw at the Museum of Contemporary Art that day.  He said it was his painting that got him off his drug kick. His vast amount of talent in a variety of mediums proves what an influential and gifted artist he is.

The last room of the exhibit had three huge walls of film of Bowie performing.  It was great fun to just stand there and take his performances in. And of course, as you walked out, there was his infamous Union Jack coat which he helped to design himself. 

The exhibit here in Chicago has been extended through January 4, 2015.  If you miss the exhibit here in Chicago you can still catch it next year in Paris, Melbourne or The Netherlands.  This is one, if not, the best exhibit I have seen of an artist's career. It was very well put together and had an enormous amount of Bowie's personal effects.  Oh, and what made it even more incredible is that every attendee was given a headset to listen to. I don't usually like headsets, but this one knew where you were in the exhibit, and it played the information and music for the exact place you were standing - pretty amazing!  

David Bowie is Now is definitely a must see!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

STOP Catering to the Bullies - That Just May Solve the Problem with Bullying in the School System Today!

Why is it that when a child is being bullied by another child at school it turns out that the bullied child is the one who in essence gets punished?  Where is the accountability for the child who bullies other kids.  When asked this question of school officials, their comment always seems to be "Oh "so and so" has a hard life, "so and so's" parents don't do enough, "so and so" needs to be treated better.  Excuses are made, yet nothing is done to solve the problems that creates these excuses.  Instead the bullied child ends up being the punished one.

When my son was in kindergarten, the older kids were picking on the younger ones on the school bus.  They were doing the typical things kids do on buses, taking lunch money, not letting younger ones sit where they want.  When I found out my son wasn't eating lunch because 5th grade boys were taking his lunch money every day, I went to the school.  You know what I was told?! "Drive your son to school so he doesn't have to deal with the kids on the bus."  So actually in essence I was the one who was punished in that scenario.  Every child has a right to ride their school bus in a peaceful manner without being picked on and STOLEN from.  Not once did the school talk to these mean boys who were taking the little kids' money from them!  What does that teach the bully?  It teaches them that the school system will back them up, and they can keep right on doing what they are doing - terrorizing other kids.

In first grade the same son came home with the imprint of a chain link fence on his face.  Really?  No teacher noticed this?  I was not notified by the school that anything had happened to him.  Turns out a bunch of 3rd grade boys thought it'd be funny to bash my son's head into the school playground's fence repeatedly.  When I called the school, this is how they handled it:  It was decided that during recess my son had to sit with the teachers at the picnic table so they could watch him to make sure no one did anything to him.  Why not watch the mean, bully kids and make sure they are NOT smashing other kids' faces into fences. Why not have the teachers WALK around the playground to ensure all kids are safe rather than just SIT at a picnic table that is at one end of the playground?

Fast forward to high school.  One the very first day of school my son and his friends sat at a lunch table.  That group of kids sat there every day for the first 6 months of school.  Then one day some other kid started sitting there too. All during lunch he would make fun of everyone at the table and cause problems.  His bullying of one girl in particular got so bad, that my son and another boy went to the dean to tell him what was going on as the girl who was being bullied by this new guy was getting very distraught over it.  What did the school do?  Everyone who had sat at that lunch table for 6 months had to go find new lunch tables to sit at so this bully could have the lunch table to himself!  By then, the kids had to all eat at different tables, which was ok, that's not my point.  My point is, why wasn't the kid that was being mean to everyone at the table made to go sit elsewhere?  Why? Because the schools cater to the bullies!

One last note on how the schools cater to the bullies.  My own daughter has a gal in her class that is extremely mean to other girls, especially one in particular.  She's actually nice to my daughter, however she is extremely mean to her best friend.  She constantly picks on her because of her larger size.  When the school was confronted by the mother of the bullied girl they told her that the girl had a hard home life and that's why she acts the way she does.  People are nice to her, yet she doesn't have to be nice to others because she has a rough home life?  Shouldn't the teachers, school counselor and staff take it upon themselves to teach this girl how to treat people in a proper manner rather than condone her behavior?  Condoning this behavior makes her think it is acceptable behavior to ridicule others.

Catering and letting bullies know it's ok to do what they do only makes the matter worse!  If schools would start cracking down on the bully rather than the kids who report it, this problem could be curbed.  An incident is occurring in one of my son's current classes at the high school.  A boy is videotaping kids during class and posting these videos online with extremely rude comments DURING class!  Why is the teacher NOT doing something about this?  I asked my son for the kids name so I could report it and he said "I don't want to tell you cause he will just make our lives even worse."  Nice!  Kids don't report bullying because they know NOTHING will be done.  I know nothing will be done too.  It happens over and over and over again - bullying occurs, kids report it, kids who report it have their privileges and rights to being safe at school taken away.   Kids also, by the time they reach high school, don't feel safe when reporting a bully. 

Have you witnessed occurrences at your child's school where the bully has been catered to rather than punished?